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we didn't know it is a 19-year- old male student here atmontgomery college's rock will campus. -- rockville campuis. >> is story will release aeons shark. attack at a high school homecoming game. >> the alleged victims as it was orchestrated by the principal at coolidge high school. jennifer donelan has been looking into the story four days. >> of the principal here at coolidge high school was placed on administrative leave on friday. from what we understand, she will not be here at school tomorrow after allegations are being investigated by d.c. police. >> i am devastated. >> he talked to us because his wife said she is scared for her
5:01 pm
life. >> who would not be? >> according to the police report, his wife, a former staff member of the school, said she was attacked by three women. she claims was two staff members and the principal thelma jarrett. >> the principal? physically hit her? >> yes. >> the police report says one suspect said, "get her." she was hit in the face with a closed fist. she delta the groundout of three women kicked her. they called the father. it >> you need to come back. somebody just punched a mommy. >> the school parent-teacher coordinator is crying foul. >> when we came onms. jarrett was
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trying to break up the confrontation. >> there refuted the claims against the principle. >> i never saw her kick, punch or any assault at all. "she was hurt. what the evidence have been interviewed by police. -- >> at the evidence has been interviewed. there were allegations and they are looking into taking the appropriate action. the priority is insuring the staff stays focused at the coolidge rose forward. we will be covering this has the story begins to develop. jennifer donelan, live off from northwest, abc 7. >> the prince george's county firefighter is investigating a large warehouse fire. it erupted this afternoon in the 8300 block of ardmore road in landover in a commercial record
5:03 pm
pair were house. one employee was sent to the hospital with serious burns. >> a faulty furnace could be to blame for making people sick in abc complex. it was on first place blockbuster they found a number people suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning. it all started with a child. but-a very is live at a nearby firehouse with a story. -- not talk show barrett is live. >> they're glad it did not happen at night. right now, two people are in the hospital including an 8-year-old girl. the woman on this venture with the one who called 911 for her daughter who was sick. -- the woman on this stretcher. >> the mother began feeling dizzy. it is a carbon monoxide caused it. >> she said she had a headache
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and she was really busy, jittery, shaking. >> two other neighbors were checked out in an ambulance. >> my children were upstairs plan. the firefighters knocked on the door and told us there was a problem. >> ms. jackson was inside her apartment and her five kids were playing in another room. some of them were still wearing their pajamas. >> if there is a problem, i would not have known unless i had checked on them if they got quiet. >> it is not clear if any apartments had carbon monoxide detectors. jackson's does not. >> it's a silent killer. i would not have known if anything was wrong. >> the two other people who reject out in ambulances are doing ok now. the mother, and her daughter, are still at the hospital being looked after. once again they say the cause
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may be a defective furnace. live from northwest d.c., natasha barrett. >> we go to storm watch as rain and cooler temperatures are about to roll in. doug hill is tracking this in the belfort furniture weather center for us. >> showers will be coming in overnight, but right now, not bad. 67 right now outside of the belfort to a furniture weather center. from frederick douglass elementary in leesburg, pretty cloudy this afternoon. starting to see a little bit of a break in the overcast but then the clouds selling right back in. cloudy skies will be the story this evening in the rain will move in. a pretty strong cold front continues to advance from west to east. later this evening around midnight and overnight, the best chance for scattered showers with this front. the biggest effect will be the temperature drop. look at this.
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58 in pittsburgh and 38 in detroit. temperatures are dropping at an incredible rate. it is 32 degrees colder in chicago today than it was yesterday. a big changes coming and we have the class continue to increase. overnight, we will drop into the 40's with the rain developing, gusting winds out of the northwest. some chilly weather, but very nice autumn weather. we highlight the next few days coming up. >> veterans there was yesterday. many people have today off to recognize the holiday but others did not. metro working was on a saturday schedule so it made for a crowded commuter today. suzanne kennedy is live with the details. how are things looking now for the to meet compaq's cuts a lot better than it was this morning. -- how was looking for the commute home? >> it is made even worse today by an absolutely horrible
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morning commute. trains at capacity and metro platforms with passengers standing shoulder to shoulder, this is what the morning commuters suffered through as they desperately tried to get to work this morning. >> a complete disaster on the red line. >> terrible commute today. >> the red line had trips that took twice what it normally was. for some people, that was a two hour commute. >> it was awful. people were all crammed in. it was difficult to even get off all my stock. >> platforms were completely filled to the point of danger. i had my four-year-old daughter with me. we missed our training and then i finally had to leave the station. >> metro rail operating on a saturday schedule and conduct contract maintenance -- conducting track maintenance. a spokesperson for metro's says, "service ran as scheduled." they say they cater to much to
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the federal government and should have more service on a holiday not observed by many in the private sector. >> corporate america suffers when the government is off. on a day like today, we were all working. it's only the government to house the day off. >> a lot of people we spoke to today said despite getting in to work very late this morning they were concerned about what the evening rush hour was going to be like. in order to avoid the headache this morning, leaving early today. susanna kennedy, abc 7 news. >> more fallout tonight involving the scandal around david petraeus and his biographer. congressional leaders are furious, not because of his resignation but because they were not notified until loans before the story broke. an fbi investigation of alleged and female harassment led into a probe that eventually uncovered
5:09 pm
the extramarital affair that began this shortly after his book and ended four months ago. learning more about the woman at the center of this scandal rebecca cooper went out looking for answers to the about paula broadwell. >> she was supposed to be in washington this weekend for a 40th birthday party for her brother. she may be subpoenaed to come to d.c. to answer questions about the petraeus affair. this was apparently intended for them to see. dad loves a mom. when news broke of the affair, the radiologist scott, and his wife moved to little washington, virginia. now, the family is in seclusion at of congress investigate whether laws were broken between
5:10 pm
paula broadwell and david petraeus. >> he has had many hurdles in his life. have been many assignments worked they thought it was a disaster. >> she often accompanied him on military aircraft and went in afghanistan, "she would stay for several weeks or more in the special headquarters in kabul where she would have not been reserved a special quarters reserved for visiting dignitaries." did taxpayers foot the bill? the senate intelligence committee sources we spoke to say they do not know the answer yet but plan to find out. pentagon officials did not return a call. congressional investigators also want to know more about classified documents found on her computer. she reportedly said they did not come from petraeus. there are questions about
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whether taxpayers paid for a trip to paris. there is much more to be looked at in this story. we will have much more on this coming up. >> we will have much more on the petraeus scandal including who knew what and when it coming up on abc 7 news at 6. >> coming up on abc 7 news at 5 but a worker for it that could jeopardize a big black friday sale. -- a worker threat. >> the man behind the voice of elmo accused of a serious crime. how this is effecting "sesame street." >>
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>> as we honor veterans and an old, we are marking the 30th anniversary of the vietnam memorial wall, the symbol of the darkened by some of war. >> they're reading of all the names of about wall, only the fifth time it has ever been done. greta kreuz talks about how it
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is helping some to keel. >> for 65 hours, they read the names. >> robert hernandez. >> franklin collins. >> of 58,282 names. >> grant taylor. >> is solid drumbeat of names those missing from the vietnam war. 2000 volunteers, but to some, it's a very personal. >> my brother, stanley smith. he was 19 years old. "she lost her baby brother in 1966, killed just weeks after he got the vietnam. >> i want to remember my brother, to honor him, and to celebrate his life. >> and dennis hoffman.
5:16 pm
>> they came from all over to read, even just a page or two. >> maybe someone a soccer field in their house, to be a part -- maybe someone they saw killed, maybe someone in their family. >> even those who did not say they just want to honor those who did. >> her father came home alive. >> it means a lot to meet some of the people he served with. >> he does not know anyone on the wall. >> thomas rivera. >> their voices giving a voice to the fallen, making it real.
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>> i am glad there's a place to come. i just want them to know that they are loved. the people on the wall are loved. >> abc 7 news. >> a faulty furnace may be to blame for the explosion that killed two people and injured dozens of homes in an indianapolis neighborhood tonight. the honor of the house as his daughter called him last week and said the furnace had gone out. she lived there with her mother. so far, they have felt no evidence of a gas leak and gas companies said they never received any notice of a faulty furnace prior to the explosion. as many as 30 homes were damaged. >> recovery efforts continue two weeks after hurricane sandy slammed into the northeast but frustration is building for tens of thousands in new york and new jersey were still without power. many are sleeping with heavy
5:18 pm
coats to the chilly temperatures outside. the secretary of homeland security toward the. she said fema is committded to helping out. >> it's so warm. >> low as 70's yesterday but it will all stop tonight. a strong cold front is coming in. let's get started. brian hopkins snapped this photo for us of the sunset. that little patch of blue is pretty much gone as the clouds continue to stream in ahead of the cold front. later tonight, we will deal with the showers and the cold air following. 68 in silver spring right now. a high of 70 with the wind out of the southwest. in fairfax, the average height is 59.
5:19 pm
temperatures to dramatically dropping behind this cold front. right now, you see the area of showers moving through western virginia and the border with more showers behind the front in much cooler air. all this will cross the region tonight. we're thinking 11:00 or midnight for these to move in and spread through the area. problems in charlotte to deal with for the morning commute. the annual lotus most, the temperature is taking a tumble. 67 right now at reagan national. 72 this hour in fredericksburg. a delightful afternoon even with the sky. shifting winds and temperatures. 58 degrees at 11:00 tonight and into the 40's seven hours later. through the day, we have been watching temperatures drop. it has been wintry behind the cold front. 25 in minneapolis minn., is a
5:20 pm
the cold air is coming in. this is the time of year where the track will miss us and we only get a glancing blow. we get colder, but that in a change you will feel. here the way the satellite and radar look. clear skies rapidly developing in west central and western ohio. we will get in on some of that tomorrow afternoon but a very cold and cloudy start with areas of rain in the morning and then some improving for temperatures that are below average. the futurecast from nine or 10:00, the rain will be out with a dry air and it should clear this out. temperatures pinning into the 40's for this afternoon. upper 50's late tonight. partially sunday by midday. about 50 degrees. through the next seven days, pretty nice outside.
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thursday back into the mid 50's or so. the weekend, a sunni start and day and other coastal system could be bringing some showers sunday afternoon. we will take it. >> we will. thank you. >> coming up, a hero's homecoming. see how the wounded warrior starting a new life in a smart home. what she was a great fan. "she would have really flipped out at this. >> helping a local family remember a wife and mother whose life was cut to shore by cancer. >> the man
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>> the man behind an iconic children's characters facing a serious allegation. >> elmo's puppeteer is being accused of having a sexual relationship with a minor. >> pretty tough allegations. kevin has not been started with anything. sesame street is supporting him. >> thank you for coming in.
5:25 pm
>> a voice known aroudn teh world. kevin clash has taken a leave of absence. the lawyers have met with the 23-year-old man who claims they started a sexual relationship seven years ago. he says he's not sure the allegations necessarily hold up. >> it should bother adults, but it is separate from a kid's lives and their perception of the show. >> the allegations are unfounded. "although this was a personal relationship unrelated to the work place, our investigation did reveal that have been exercised poor judgment and violated company policy regarding internet usage and he was disciplined."
5:26 pm
>> it should send a message to other people who have influence in our society that they should watch their morals. >> this is where his ex-wife and a daughter lives. neighbors will not go on camera but they say he was friendly and they do not believe the allegations. he went to high school in baltimore and is there when he started making his own puppets and and performer on d street. hatzel vela, abc 7 news. >>. clewiston to a possible cause of autism in some children and it -- the new clue to a possible cause of autism. >> surprising his son at a star wars theme birthday party. >> wal-mart workers are threatening to walk off the job one of the busiest shopping
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captioned by the national captioning institute >> a possible strike could put a damper on some shoppers looking for black friday deals this year. >> some wal-mart employees are considering striking next week for the big shopping holiday. bras plater is live to explain why. -- roz plater. >> there are more than 1 million wal-mart workers around the country and it's unclear how many would participate, but we are being told that there are workers in maryland and virginia who do plant to walk whoout. the depth of things getting is one of the big shopping days of the your hands down. they pack the store is looking for black friday bargains. wal-mart workers could hit a snag because they are threatening a black friday strike. >> a lot of people could be
5:31 pm
disappointed because they look forward to that black friday. >> in a video arm a web site, workers say they will strike over wages benefits, and working conditions. >> i'm 52 and i cannot afford my own apartment on what i make at wal-mart. >> at a handful of stores, they staged the first walkout in the retailer's 50-year history. in an article, they guarantee their customers the best black friday ever, but some shoppers say if there was ever a day for them to get their message across, this would be it. >> i think if they want to strike on black friday, it would be a very successful day for them to do it. it would make a good point. >> i just got off the phone a little while ago from the arkansas headquarters and they say the opinions of that group
5:32 pm
do not represent the views of the majority of the 1.3 million workers and after black friday they will be open and ready to take care of their customers. roz plater abc 7,. >> the days of lining up early are quickly becoming a relic of the past. you can add at target and toys r ross to the store's opening thanksgiving day. they will have door busters at 8:00 p.m. thanksgiving day. wal-mart will also be open thanksgiving evening with the guaranteed deals for those in the store between 10:00-eleven o'clock. >> it's time now for a look at the day's top stories. >> a former staff member at coolidge high school is scared for her life after three women attacked her. three staff members and the principal, lthelma jarrett
5:33 pm
attacked her. >> metro trains are running on a saturday schedule. the good news is the rate is off- peak, but the bad news is that there are delays especially where there is track work being done. >> congress wants to know more about the investigation that led to david petraeus resigning. the fbi got involved after what biographer paula broadwell sent harassing e-mail to another woman. we will have the latest on the petraeus scandal tonight and i spoke to diane sawyer about what else has been uncovered. i know you will be following new details on the general petraeus affair tonight. >> we will indeed. we have some new details that really bring it down to the center of the questions here.
5:34 pm
the chief of the cia, general david petraeus, and the affair that brought him down. we have these three mysteries the days everyone -- the things everyone is trying to solve tonight. >> and also the crash and a brawl with nascar is quite a story. >> the golden boy of racing. he pretty much made it clear that he did it on purpose. should raise car drivers be allowed to retaliate on the track? that is the question we will answer. >> we will see you shortly. thank you. you can watch those stories and more on "world news" right after abc 7 news at 6. >> listen to this. we have a new zappa about provide the news weather, and it also functions -- a new app but also function as an alarm clock. >> a lot of us wake up to our
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phones a glaring something like this. -- blaring this. we will make your wake up just a little bit better with this committee abc 7 alarm clock. you can choose from all the noise as you probably dragger really the morning where you can wake up to maybe something a little bit better like steve chenevey. >> buzz, buzz, buzz. >> or alison starling. >> rise and shine. >> of five of your favorite abc 7 vases can start your morning. here is the weather right now. here's the weather for the next seven days. you can even get it hour by hour or live doppler radar. we even have a video forecast for you right here. >> it would be worth it to start your weekend early. >> all of the museum as to what you were sleeping. even more headlines for you to read so you know exactly what's going on.
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go to bill will direct you how to get the applications we hope to make it just a little bit easier for you to say, "good morning washington." guyana >> want to be my hero? get out of bed. get up. >> most people are grumpy at 5:00 in the morning. >> i wanted to be as annoying as possible. [laughter] >> i think you succeeded. >> time out to check on the traffic situation. chris anderson has the details. cooke's due to the federal holiday, an unusual afternoon commute. restrictions lifted on an 395 95, and maryland 270. delays is bound repulsed church and to arlington. everyone tried to take advantage of the express lane.
5:37 pm
what do i can in frederick moving yet speed but we do have this accident that has been working since the early afternoon hours north of rte. 80 but south of 70 a tractor- trailer that is overturned on its side and the load it was carrying a sellout of the trailer. but the cleanup and investigation will be ongoing. back to you. >> coming up just ahead why this local grocery store is still closed months after a sewage spill. >> james bond breaks a record. can a twilight beat them? i'm arch campbell with entertainment coming up. >> decision might for the redskins and where they will be
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>> a big weekend forum 007. >> arch campbell joined us for entertainment news. >> i'm so excited to be out here with a couple of apps. >> we are moving up in the world. >> movie fans went to the new bomdnd movie.
5:41 pm
do not overlook a possible german writing this week. -- gem arriving. >> the "silver linings playbook" stars bradley cooper as a man who loses his mind. he gets out and meets a quirky widow. >> i'm tired. are you going to walk me home or what? >> me? >> yeah, you. are you going to walk me home? >> you have poor social skills. >> his family includes robert deniro and he enters a dance contest with a big bet on . "silver linings playbook" like a small gem that win the detention. this weekend "twilight breaking dawn part 2" arrives.
5:42 pm
these bands camp out overnight to get into these big review. a $90 million opening along with "wreck it ralph." also opening, anna karenina along with lincoln and fargo gaining oscar talk. a small gem "silver linings playbook." it's moonstruck for 2012. >> soudns good. hard to pick. >> coming next an abc 7 news at 5, a link between a sickness in pregnant women and boxes of. >> this house in fredericksburg means so much to a veteran who suffered severe inj
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>> 7 is on your side with a new
5:46 pm
clue about the blanks of autism. children of mothers who had influenza were twice as likely to have an autism-effective disorder. those whose mother had a fever that lasted more than a week or three times as likely. >> it wounded warrior is getting a new home to deal with the challenges he is now facing. >> jeff goldberg takes us to fredericksburg for this soldiers welcome home. >> the arrival had hit all the makings of a hero's welcome, does not according to john. >> i do not think i'm a hero. >> 27-year-old marine sergeant peck suffered a head injury after an explosion in iraq only to return to the battlefield in afghanistan where another blast
5:47 pm
took his arms and legs. the true heroes, he says, are the ones who did not come home. >> they are gone and they will never come back. they will never see, feel here this ever again. >> the totals to terrace condition is providing the john -- utunnels to twoers foundation has provided a new smart home with lowered counter heights and smart features. the thermostat, cameras, and these can be controlled by an ipad or iphone anywhere in the country. >> he's an inspiration to each of us. >> we wish you the best. >> lisa is broad but not surprised. >> this is the way i raised him.
5:48 pm
>> he is forever grateful for the gifts he had been given. >> i do not think this could top it. >> others are grateful for him. in fredericksburg, jeff goldberg, abc 7 news. >> we're so lucky to have people like him service. the heartwarming birthday surprise in wichita kan. navy reservist came home dressed up as darth vader for his son's birthday party. they were reenacting a scene and reveals it's his father. [laughter] and not seen them for 2.5 months at the time. >> what a creative surprise. that's fantastic. but let's see what's coming up on abc 7 news at 6 this evening. >> gordon peterson has a look ahead.
5:49 pm
what's more questions tonight about the affair between cia chief david petraeus and his biographer. tonight at 6 a look at what congress wants to know a lawmakers return to work. some overdue honors for a marine who served in world war ii and teh korean conflict. that and more at 6. >> honoring veterans tonight on "dancing with the stars a peak of the seven remaining all stars will dance to songs paying tribute to our service members. then they will do latin trio dances. tomorrow night, another double elimination. followed by "castle" then abc 7 news at 11. >> singing in the rain? >> the closer we get to midnight, your chances will really jump for range because of the cold front moving in.
5:50 pm
the doppler radar up and down the east coast here for the storms can. this is the cold front moving through. just in front and behind it is the rain. we'll have showers and we will live as a drop off in temperatures. at the moment, a delightful for november. 67 in washington. 71 in fredericksburg. that will all change when the front moves through. at 8:00 tonight, the front will just be giving in to garrett county. it will take its time moving across the state. showers for the morning commute but by about 10:00 a.m. tomorrow, most of it shall be pushed out. the numbers are falling and we will be moving cold air into the 40's. the sunshine will get back and we will have a nice string of days. areas of rain in the morning tomorrow but clearing before
5:51 pm
midday. nice for the next few days of sunshine but chilly temperatures. the gunman calm for whether including a new blog observing the -- your online home for weather and a new blog for the blizzard. fortunately i was off the air that day so it cannot be blamed for missing it. >> a lot of veterans day stuff, i see. >> a very emotional day. cuts in sports, we love better wednesday. it wanted to say thanks to the military at redskins camp and say thank you to those reserves. we saw one family that was simply looking for some help and a lot of healing. >> let's get close. >> sean o'conner and his girls got to let loose, and much
5:52 pm
needed emotion. >> our friend paul got us in here to watch the practice today. we have had a hard month and a half. >> our mother died recently. what they have been married 18 years. >> she had been battling the fire with cancer since 2004. after three operations that had been pretty successful, only to be blindsided by melanoma. she was a wonderful woman. and i lost her to melanoma on october 29th. >> today, they got to meet and greet the redskins player including star quarterback robert griffin iii. >> that was but a visit here and watch them practice. >> you want to put a smile on their face after what they've been through. it's truly special what we are able to do as professional
5:53 pm
athletes in the lives of others just by shaking their hand and giving an autograph. what she would have loved to be here. click she would have flipped out. she loves the redskins. >> they got to run all over the place before they left. >> its just a little break "from what we have been during the last few weeks. it was a good distraction. >> distractions and deed. -- indeed. get checked for melanoma. it's deadly. for the athletes out there, never forget the impact you how on the lives of ordinary fans. >> what a way to look at it. >> how emotional for that family. >> coming uppe -- >> six months after a
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[ female announcer ] welcome one and all to a tastier festive feast. so much to sip and savor, a feeding frenzy to say the least. a turkey from safeway will have everyone raving. there's fresh, natural, frozen whatever you're craving. spend 35 dollars and get a frozen safeway turkey for 59 cents a pound. or spend 35 dollars and a frozen butterball turkey just 88 cents a pound. so raise your glass, pull up a chair, grab a plate. this tastier thanksgiving is well worth the wait. safeway. ingredients for life. >> if you are looking to god by your biggs in as boardings
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giving of the tamil people in one area will -- if you're looking to go out and buy your fixings, you will have to look elsewhere. >> kendis gibson is live with the push to get it reopened. >> the president's dierdre started a campaign to bring back their supermarket. -- residents here just started a campaign. when they lost as store they felt that it was a big blow. for six months, this harris teeter has looked like this. the sun claims it is closed temporarily but it feels like a permanent situation for the residents around year. >> i am surprised has been taking so long. the wood. for the number of people in the area, it would be important to
5:58 pm
be reopened. >> raw sewage accidently got pumped into the aisles in may. in nearby sewage treatment plant flooded the store. it was this residence main supermarket for years. >> with all the people involved, the government, rules and regulations, from what i understand it was pretty filthy. >> it has been cleaned four times since then but there's more to the holdup. harris teeter released a statement saying "we're actively working with of the county and our landlord to discuss solutions to make sure that which happened does not happen again. once those solutions are implemented, we are ready to start work on the interior of the store." >> many of the neighbors say they were told it would be open back up by next may at the latest which would be one year
5:59 pm
after the sewage back up. harris teeter officials say they have no idea when it slashed if it will open again. kendis gibson, abc 7 news. >> the news now continues with gordon peterson and and maureen gibson 1 abc7 news at 6. >> light and in hd, this is abc 7 breaking news. >> a student is in custody after allegedly making threats against his classmates at a local college campus. >> the rest happened a short time ago at montgomery county college in rockville. >> the student is in custody at this hour and has not been a charged by police but had been issued a letter he cannot go on campus for three years without the school's permission. according to a spokesperson, the student was outside with earlier -- w

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